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  • Lee-anne Caulkett

A visit to the Akashic Records

What is the Akashic Temple, and why would you visit there?

I need to share my underlying personal rule with you before going further. I will always aim to share from personal experience rather than read knowledge. I feel this is important as there is so much information out on the web, you can research until the wee hours of the morning, but nothing beats first-hand experience. This is my adventure and understanding of the Akashic records; take what you like and leave the rest. (If you want further reading about the Akashic, check out works by Edgar Cayce).

My experiences of the Akashic Temple over the years never led me very far. I would visit, but access to personal information was never fruitful. As I wasn't focussed in utilising this information library for others (it didn't cross my mind), I would visit and leave empty-handed.

It wasn't until I experienced a past life session that I was able to fully experience the power of the Akashic Temple for myself and view the power it holds for others. This is a library of consciousness, retaining all the past, present, and future information.

My guided journey started in a field with beautiful grass that brushed the tips of my fingers as I wandered through it. The area was peaceful and safe, embuing me with a sense of great expansiveness. As I basked in the soft golden glow of a setting sun, a ball of light approached me, beckoning for me to follow. Instantly I was gliding over the field, viewing this magical world from above. Beautiful landscapes filled my vision, cities made from domes of glass and light dotted the surface and a deep calm and remembering filled my senses. I had been here before, but I didn't know when.

As I continued to travel with my companion, a glowing rainbow bridge came into view. As I touched down, I could feel the vibration of colour and light radiate through my feet and carry me forward to an enormous set of doors.

We had reached the Akashic Temple.

The power of thought opened the doors to an inner chamber filled with radiant light. Inside were many different types of beings, some on their own and others with their light companions. Lightboxes specific to each being created the walls and would open upon their touch, imbuing the reader with relevant information.

My guide asked me to find my box, but there weren't any for me. Instead, I travelled into the wall, along a light tunnel into a room to talk with some new Guides and receive new downloads. It was intense yet incredibly comforting and magical, like going back to the home you always missed.

This experience and the ones others have shared with me about the Akashic Temple demonstrates there is no one way to experience the Temple. It is as diverse as each of us. Some see scrolls to read their past and future; others read from a book held in an ancient tree grove. Others have seen the door I channelled as their access point. Trust in your guidance for what is suitable for you.

So you've reached the Hall of Records, what now? Be clear about what you want to access. Have it already in your mind as a clear intention; your messages will be more transparent and concise if you do. I feel this was the significant difference for me, my purpose was evident, and I obtained precisely what I was searching for.

The Akashic can give you insight into why you do things, relationships you attract, perspectives you haven't thought of, outcomes of personal or business ventures, and on and on. You can use the Akashic records to ask about the outcome of your different choices. Remember that nothing is written in stone; as your decision and options change, so will your result, and we have the power of free will to change the course of action.

If my journey to the Akashic Temple inspires you, feel free to use it or adapt it to your path. Maybe you use the Akashic records regularly; I would love to hear about it, so drop me a line. I hope my experience inspires you to use the Akashic records for your evolution and personal insight.

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