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Soul Frequency Map

Soul Frequency Maps are a powerhouse for manifestation and intention. Together we delve in and listen to your soul's intention and create a map to achieve your goals. 



You know where you are today, Point A.  You know what you want, Point B. The fastest way to get from A to B is with this map. Using sacred geometry, coding and guidance, Lee-anne will bring your Soul Frequency Map to life!



Light Grids are conscious energy matrices designed to uplift and enhance our vibration. We live in a multi-dimensional, multi-matrix Universe where everything, including ourselves, is vibration. Your channeled Grid is specific to you and is multi-dimensional. As you work and grow with your Grid, it's dimensional aspect further unlocks. This aspect supports your intentions and further deepens your levels of consciousness. 


These are excellent tools for manifesting your goals, for use in meditation, working on healing, accelerating your connection to higher realms and beings and for raising and developing your consciousness. The more specific you are with your intention the stronger the grid will be, we discuss this further to empower the creation of your grid. 


You receive your Soul Frequency Map and a message of guidance from your Spiritual team.



Maps are available remotely and in my healing space

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