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  • Lee-anne Caulkett

Secret Oracle Deck Business

I love oracle cards! I have some tarot, but I always turn back to my beloved oracle decks. Do I use my own? Yes, pretty much exclusively. I find tarot way more formal, which doesn't suit me as I am a fly by the seat of your pants girl! I enjoy the flexibility in oracle; it can deliver a blunt or gentle message, give you a quick pick me up card or allow you to delve into the inner workings of your mind and heart.

So how do you choose a deck? Trust your intuition. I know this sounds back to front; I mean, you are getting your deck to expand your intuition. Trust me, go with your gut feelings. If that deck is playing on your mind, feels comforting or is just too darn gorgeous to pass by, then that is your deck!

Over the years, I have probably bought more than 50 different decks; they have since moved on to new homes. So yes, you can purchase second-hand decks but give them a good cleanse before using them.

Each deck has a different personality; having a couple of different ones is a great idea. I mean, you get bored if you only hang with the same friend day in and out, so change things around as your decks become your friends.

Always cleanse your deck, even if it is brand new. It has passed through many hands to get to you, so give it some love and take your time to connect with it. You might want to browse all the images before you read the book; this is an excellent way to get the intuition juices going, by the way. Most oracle decks come with a guidebook, and you don't always have to use it. I had one deck where I loved the images but didn't resonate with the messages; instead, I trusted my intuition to guide me and never opened the book again.

The more you trust in the guidance of the deck, the more you learn to trust your intuition! That is the wonderful thing about oracles; there are no complex rules. This makes them an excellent tool for enhancing and developing your intuition.

You can source your deck from just about anywhere, a generic oracle from your local store to indie decks on Etsy; the choices are limitless. And there are so many different subjects, fairies, angels, cats, dragons, and on and on; whatever your interests are, you are bound to find a deck that matches you!

Another question often asked is, can you buy your deck or must it be gifted. Both. Either. I mean, who doesn't love a gift! Gift it to yourself. Whatever makes you happy, the deck doesn't mind how you get to be together, just that you are together!

If you feel the urge to get a deck but are unsure what deck, check the intention you want it for. Will it be a tool for mindfulness and focus, or is it to discover the reasons for your behavioural patterns. It could be to give you insight into relationships and future endeavours. Your intention could be for an all-rounder deck to use frequently or one to activate different light bodies or chakras (whispers Archangel Light Codes!) Asking what deck is best for a particular intention will help you hone in on the best oracle for your purpose.

Intuition expands in the presence of joy, so have fun and be light-hearted. This is where you will get your best messages and most profound guidance.

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