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  • Lee-anne Caulkett

Secret Oracle deck business Part 2

You've chosen your deck; now what? This deck will be your confidante, your counsellor and your coach. It will be your best friend to support you in your moments of confusion and sadness and inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams on your path to greatness and joy. Connect with it and give your deck the love it deserves.

I think of every deck as a sleeping entity until its owner connects with them. Each deck is full of possibilities and guidance, but their power is locked until we activate and open their magic doorway.

There are many different ways of activating your deck's potential, from the power of intention to the mysticism of magic. You have to find what works for you and your new deck. For example, activating a Wicca oracle could differ from activating a Tantric oracle.

Do not underestimate the power of intention; this is a crucial first step with any magic work you do. Keep your purpose for your deck in mind as you step through your ritual of connection. I suggest you start by holding the deck close to your heart and listening to the deck. At this point, I like to affirm that I only work with Beings and energies that support my Divine Sovereign Domain. Then ask if the deck would like to work with you on your initial intention and how best to activate its power. Be open to imagery or messages; this is your chance to exercise your clair senses!

Possible ways of activating could include:

*Visualising stepping into a crystal or a sacred temple and placing the deck on your higher self altar

*Speaking light language

*Visualising opening a door or lid with a magic key

*Inviting the appropriate entities or deities to assist you, such as ascended masters, fairies, dragons, light beings, etc. (you can use the affirmation "I acknowledge and exercise the right to my Divine Sovereign Domain. I build connections with Beings that support my Divine Sovereign Domain" if so drawn)

*Using a crystal wand to activate

*Sitting in nature and utilising the elements, particularly for fairy or mermaid style decks

Listen to your deck. It may want to be cleansed with sage or palo santo or sit under the full moon before being used. I had a deck that wanted the day in the sun to be activated. Take the time to listen and act on your deck's guidance; this will enhance your connection and increase the power of your deck's understanding of you.

Take the time to look at each card before reading the guidebook messages. This step will enhance your intuition and allow you to see each card through your unique connection. Write down any messages you receive; you can later compare what the oracle creator wrote.

Have fun with your new best friend! When you have finished activating, do a reading for yourself. It could be a simple one card or a full spread. When you finish, find a special place such as your altar or sacred space and give it the respect it wants and deserves.

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