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Archangel Light Codes Oracle Cards


What a journey these cards have led me on and, with the support of the Archangels, what a journey for you too!

These cards are different. If you are looking to be led down the guided path then turn back now. The path of these cards is unique for you. It will have twists and turns with doors and gateways opening. So if you are ready to head down the rabbit hole and open yourself to the Supra-consciousness then let's get going.

I've been seeing, writing and speaking in codes since a child. When the Archangels 'encouraged' me to work with them to create a deck of cards I was not prepared for their unique way of approaching such a project. But down the proverbial rabbit hole I went with them, excited for the unexpected.

The biggest message they wish to convey is personal ownership and this is evident in the way the symbols are gifted to us. Each card has a simple message channelled from the applicable Archangel. You, as the voyager, are encouraged to open yourself to your own interpretations of each symbol, the more you work with them the deeper your connection, the more information that flows to you. 

Light Codes are gifted to us at the appropriate time. They are imparted very quickly on a cellular level and unlock as the user progresses. The information comes forth into the conscious mind when it is needed and often the recipient does not even know where the information comes from. Gateways have opened to access greater parts of the Supra-consciousness. 


The greatest gift the Archangels wish for us to discover is that all knowledge that is, is within. The codes embedded within your deck work with you at a source level, at an energetic patterning level. Working with them supports you to expand your mind and tap into that knowledge. 


Thought is the creation of everything. When you initially start working with your own deck, focus on your personal expansion and development toward your higher self. As you progress, the impact you have on those around you, our planet and source, becomes a move to self-empowerment and self-responsibility, ultimately unifying our existence. As our thoughts unify, every aspect fits perfectly together, every thought meshes and molds itself into one to the other, so that we can all exist within a state of oneness. 


Remember, the aspect of personal ownership is integral for the Archangels. Codes are multi-dimensional and unlock information from the Supra-consciousness as the user progresses. It is a journey of self-awakening into unknown aspects of our soul.






Once you have your very own deck


Read through the introduction and follow the recommendations for connecting with your deck.

Take the time to set your thought toward your goal of awakening and personal expansion.

Use the pages within the guidebook to record your insights, your growth, any visions when meditating with a code. 


Ways to use the cards

  • You can use the cards for doing readings for yourself or others

  • Choosing a card a day to focus on

  • Placing a card/s on the body to enhance hands-on healing, reiki, kinesiology, crystal healing, etc

  • Place a crystal on a card to carry that Archangels energy with you

  • Place a card over a glass of water to super-charge your drinking water (remember to protect your card as they are not waterproof)

  • Place a card on one of the chakras for meditation

  • Be creative and let me know how you go!



"Lee-anne's angel cards are beautiful! I love working with them. When I opened the deck for the first time, I felt an instant connection - a deep resonance. Even though my conscious mind couldn't make much of the light codes, my heart and emotional body recognized them immediately. Since then, the cards have served as higher guidance and enriched my spiritual journey wonderfully." - Melissa, K. Switzerland

"This is by far the most beautiful deck I have ever touched. I immediately had chills as soon as the cards were in my hand. I felt lead to first do a 3 card spread of past, present, and future. I'm overwhelmed with what came through just looking at the cards and what I could feel as well as see within each card before even turning to the guidebook to see what was written. Thank you Lee-anne for sharing this us." S.S United States

"I cannot say enough good things about this deck! I get shivers whenever I handle it. The cardstock quality is great. The art and deck concept are amazing. The light language on the cards speaks directly to my subconscious, and the descriptions in the book provide important info for my conscious mind. These cards don't feel like mere pieces of paper with the names of archangels on them. To me, they create a space in which I can communicate with them. I was literally led to this deck by Metatron. If you want to connect with the archangels, you need this deck!" S.C. United States

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