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Crystal Kits & Affirmations

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Oracle Deck Ultimate Packs

✧ 44 gold foil detail card deck, box and guide book
✧ Personalised Angel prayer drawing
✧ Set of 4 large Activation Plates
✧ Crystal grid set - Apophyllite point, Rose Quartz tumble, Lapis Lazuli tumble, natural Celestite cluster, Selenite bar, 4 Quartz gridding points
✧ Bag for crystals

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Crystal Kits & Affirmations

Specially selected items to create magic in your everyday. Kits include all you need to cleanse and charge your energy and manifest. Beautifully presented in a keep-sake box with magnetic closure.

Choose from

✧Self love


✧Intuition & more

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Chakra Activation Art

Creating the connection between self, Higher Self and the Universe and activating the the chakra system through the power of symbology and light codes. 

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