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Spectrum Cards

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The spectrum cards relate to how aware we are of each cards colour frequency at a spiritual/energetic level. The symbol on the cards activates the light bodies, working with how we assimilate and amalgamate the frequency. 

The symbol awakens dormant aspect of each frequency sleeping within our consciousness; it is always there. Still, we are either unaware of it or working in the opposite direction on the flow. 

Each activator card awakens us to our higher consciousness and therefore allow greater access and understanding of our Higher Self. Once we understand the power and possibility within each light frequency (colour) and take self-responsibility for how we comprehend and interact with each colour, the more we can access the more significant parts of ourself. The advantages as we move into our Higher Self are limitless; we gain greater access to the movement of the Universe, greater awareness of the power within us and the capacity to co-create from our Divine aspect. 

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Violet spectrum is the bridge between our spiritual and physical existence. Many who first start their spiritual awakening are drawn to this colour as it eases the understanding that we are more than a physical being. Violet allows us to speak with the web of consciousness; it is the telephone line whereby spirit communication is simplified for us to understand. 


Through violet, the ego-mind quietens, and we can begin to hear the messages of Spirit. When we move into this frequency, we begin to understand that we are the Universe, we are the intelligence that animates existence. 


Violet allows us to see the power of synchronicity and supports us to begin our ascension to our higher self. Here we are aware that there is more to the Universe, and ourselves, than we could ever imagine. 


Violet in a stuck or past position may indicate a lack of connection and a blockage to receiving the messages from Spirit. It could also mean the enquirer is too much in the head, always thinking from the mind or believing outdated programs and ideals picked up during past or negative experiences. Violet in now or future position may indicate the opportunity to see more clearly, particularly from a clairvoyant aspect. It could also indicate a need for meditation, and spiritual practice or the reward from doing these. 


Magenta frequency relates to unconditional love and universal love.  It allows us to see love in the small things by understanding the connectedness of the Universe. Through this understanding, magenta supports us to be able to create change for the better, both for ourselves and the greater good. 


Magenta is the base colour of all energetic work. The magenta frequency expands our understanding and desire for the experience of ascension to higher consciousness. With the support of magenta, we have the will to create change and the wisdom to acceptance when required. 


Working with magenta energy allows us to open gateways to other realms and work with time. Magenta enables us to understand and observe the full cycle of our experiences from birth to death, past lives and future. It allows us to work with family lines from a compassionate viewpoint, surrounding us with the tranquil aspect of magenta's love. Time travel through journey work is an aspect of magenta frequency. 


If this card is chosen in a stuck or past position, it could indicate a closed or singular perspective to the question/issue at hand. The enquirer may need to see from a different, more expansive and altruistic point of view. It could also indicate the enquirer could be reflecting to harshly on themselves and needs to imbue more self love and forgiveness. In a now or future position, more tranquillity and understanding on a deeper level has been or will be reached. As a positive, this card indicates a palpable sense of Universal love; this love has been harnessed and integrated. 


The opaline is how we unite each frequency (all the colours). It is an integral card at the moment as it reminds us one frequency is no less important than another or one more important than another, and we need them all to exist in harmony. Quite often when people start on their spiritual journey they don't want to work with the base colours such as red, orange and yellow; instead, they are on a quest to work with violet, indigo and magenta rays. This card in a blocked position in a reading may indicate that someone is not uniting their whole energy fields or denying themselves a particular frequency. In a future or now position it could mean someone who is/has worked hard to find balance and unity within.

In the reference book of the deck, I discuss the new consciousness of Quickening concerning this card; this is the goal the Archangels want for us and been working with us for a long time to bring about, the understanding of the power we hold individually and collectively. Ultimately the Archangels wish for us not only to see we have the potential but also to live our potential on an everyday basis concerning our soul development—the activation and acknowledgement of our Angelic Lightbody.

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